2 Highly effective types of diet

Although so many types and dietary methods are emerging, there are a lot of people and may include you who are confused and hesitant about choosing the most effective type of dieting method. Not only effective in losing weight alone or burning fat that is too long to accumulate. But this type of diet method is very effective against the best of your body health. And here are 10 types of very effective diet that can be your alternative choice. In the meantime, you may also need to try green garcinia if you wish to burn your fat faster.

Ketogenic Diet

Actually, this type of diet is preferred for people with epilepsy (especially children) who are not able to respond to drugs. In this diet contains a very specific ratio of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins that are about 80% fat, 15% protein, and 5% carbohydrates. Diet Foods Ketogenic suggested is a diet that contains lots of fat such as ice cream, meat, eggs, sausage, shrimp, tuna, mayonnaise and other foods that contain high fat with low carbohydrate levels.

In addition, this diet also avoids foods containing starch and simple sugars such as fruits, vegetables, bread, and pasta. Though reserved for epilepsy, the Ketogenic Diet Menu is not just for epilepsy patients. For those of you who want to have a slim and ideal body, this diet is very effective as a supporter. Although this diet is very powerful, however, the Danger of this Diet you should also consider.

OCD Diet (Obsessive Combuzier’s Diet)

OCD is a diet many people are talking about these days lately. Everywhere, everyone is talking about OCD diets. Initially, this diet was introduced by Deddy Corbuzier, a mentalist who must be very familiar with his name. As you know he has a fat body, but now he has an ideal muscular body. That’s because he’s on an OCD diet.

In the OCD diet pattern, How to Diet OCD does not prohibit eating anything you can eat anything you like and consume daily food. The key one, ie you should not be greedy. The OCD diet introduces a fasting system, you can eat for 8, 6, even just 4 hours. the rest should not eat but allowed to drink water. In addition to effective diet is also a fun diet because you can eat anything you want.