Email Marketing Facts That You Can’t Miss

Email is the oldest marketing channel where you can easily communicate with anyone, anytime, anywhere. The unquestionable fact is that email marketing generates the highest Return On Investment (ROI) compared to other channels.

Email marketing has grown in the same direction with technology that humans use, call it automation, personalization, or responsive email even though it’s opened through mobile devices have proven to help you to improve relationships with customers. The presence of email marketing promotion services like mlm solo ads can also help you to more effectively promote your business.

Regardless, B2B and B2C definitely require email marketing as their job catcher. Why? Some interesting facts about the following email marketing will answer your questions!

1. By 2016, a survey from Statistic shows that the open rates of personalized emails are 18.8%, while without personalization is 13.1%.

2. Adore explains that one-third of the millennial feel comfortable using the emoticon to communicate with managers and senior executives.

3. 51% of marketers say enriching the quality of contact data is the most significant challenge to achieve email marketing success.