Eliminate Smoke Smell On Carpet

Many people like thick and padded carpets. Unfortunately, the carpet quickly becomes dirty due to its absorbability. In addition, carpets also tend to store less unpleasant odor due to cigarette smoke. To clean it up, you can visit carpet cleaning lithia fl. In addition, here’s how you can do it.

– Combine white vinegar and ammonia. White vinegar and ammonia can get rid of the smell of cigarette smoke throughout the room, including the smell that sticks to the carpet. The mixture will start working to get rid of the smell on the carpet, though maybe the smell cannot completely disappear.

– Place the mixture in the bowl. Do not overfill the bowl so the mixture does not spill. Place 2-3 bowls for each room, especially in places with problematic carpets.

– Continue cleaning process for 24 hours. White vinegar and ammonia will absorb and get rid of the smell, even if you do not rub it on the surface. After the cleaning process is complete, collect the bowl and discard the contents.

– You can try to wet the carpet with white vinegar. Do not worry, the smell of vinegar will evaporate. Make sure you turn on the fan, and, if possible, open the window to prevent mold from growing on the wet carpet.

– Dry the carpet. Keep the fan on for a while to help dry the carpet and do not step on the wet carpet.