Learn a lot of vocabularies to master the Arabic

Vocabulary can be likened to bullets that come out of the muzzle of a weapon. If you do not have a vocabulary how do we talk? It’s so strange if a wish to quickly master the Arabic but lazy to memorize the vocabulary. And that’s the point, and Arabic itself is famous for its many antonyms for every word. It’s always important to learn about the vocabularies of all language that you want to learn, especially when you’re learning the arabic language.

Start by memorizing the nouns that surround us. Starting from around the bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, school, market and so forth.

As for the Arabic verb (fi’il), you should first limit the amount. This is because the verbs in Arabic have a fairly good degree of difficulty. Especially on tashrif or change of word structure influenced by pronouns (dhomir) and others.

Although memorizing all of the vocabularies in Arabic can be quite challenging for most people, just remember not to give up, due to repetition is the key for memorizing them, and it can be easier if you use the language on a daily basis for the sake of your learning.