Interesting Fact about Immunity

A strong immunity will keep the body protected and stay healthy. To get a strong immune system then you need to regularly consume Soman. Visit to find out the truth about Soman. Regardless, often the immune system is filled with myths and facts that are not true.

There are still many facts about immunity unknown to people. Here are some interesting facts about the immune system you need to know!

1. Emotions and immunity
The immune system may decrease or increase only because of things that are underestimated like sadness. A study at the State University of New York found that feeling sad can lower the immune system. Conversely, positive events experienced will also make the immune system increases.

2. Immune system and sex
A study conducted by researchers at Wilkes University, Pennsylvania found that having sex can boost the immune system. This is because having sex can increase the supply of IGA, a protein in the immune system that prevents pathogens from entering the body.

3. Antibacterial soap
Today there are many antibacterial soaps or gels sold on the market. If you think that all kinds of antibacterial soaps can protect your body from bacteria and germs, you are wrong. Research revealed that washing hands often with soap actually reduces the skin’s natural oils that become the first defense of the immune system. In other words, too frequent hand washing will open the door for germs to enter the body.