Plastic Waste Can Damage The Sea

The problem of waste in the ocean is unstoppable. The volume of waste in the sea, as time goes by, also continues to increase rapidly. Conditions that, make the sea of Indonesia as a water area is prone and facing the problem very seriously. This plastic waste not only contaminates the seas but also endangers the living things, including humans. You can visit to get more information.

Plastic waste that comes from the mainland and discharged into the sea amounted to 80 percent of the total waste in the sea. The garbage enters the ocean, caused by inefficient waste control and bad behavior of seaside societies around the world in managing plastic waste. Marine pollution caused by plastic waste said Jose, not only adversely affect the environment but also harmful from the economic view because the country resources from the marine sector also refused. Therefore, we must look for a firm solution to overcome the problem of plastic waste in the sea.