Vending Machine With High Tech

The vending machine is a machine located on-site and sells a variety of necessities. How to buy it is very easy, just put a coin of money. The vending machine is very popular in developed countries, especially in Japan. You can visit our website to get Free Vending Machines Melbourne. Generally, vending machines are limited to selling only drinks, but what if you find one of the high-tech vending machines like the following?

Dance Reward Coca-Cola Vending Machine
Want to get a free Coca-Cola from this vending machine? You can get it for free with one condition: You have to dance in front of the machine! A vending machine that you can find in South Korea combines vending machine technology with rhythm game in which you need to dance in accordance with the movement displayed on the video screen. The more accurate your dance moves, the bigger the prizes you can get! This unique Vending machine is Microsoft Kinect technology to monitor the movement of its challengers.